OkJSM, the OCTM Journal, is a peer-reviewed journal that is designed to share activities, resources, and research with our members. There are two issues published per year. To submit to the journal, you must be a current member of OCTM. Members also have access to both current and back issues of the journal. To see a sample of the journal, click here.

Interested in being published in the Journal?

Submission of a Manuscript

E-mail manuscript to the journal Editor

Darlinda Cassel at [email protected]

Guidelines for Authors

Authors are requested to submit only unpublished articles not under review by any other publication. The manuscript should be typed, double spaced, not right justified, not hyphenated, and should follow APA, 6th edition guidelines (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) using Microsoft Word. Tables and graphs should be used only when absolutely necessary, Include a cover page giving the details of the article title, professional affiliation, complete address, e-mail address, and phone number of the author(s). Each type of submission has specific requirements which are described below. The editors reserve the right to edit all copy.

Review Information

All manuscripts will be sent out for blind review to at least 2 external reviewers and one in-house reviewer. Manuscripts will be returned to authors with a summary of reviewers' comments.

Manuscript Categories

Manuscripts addressing one of the four areas below are accepted:

  • Teacher to Teacher - What activities work for your learners? Submit descriptions of teaching activities that have helped students learn an essential mathematics skill, concept, strategy, or attitude. Submissions should be no longer than 1500 words, typed and double-spaced, and follow the following format:
    • Title (If adapting from another source, cite the reference and provide a bibliography).
    • Purpose of activity, including the mathematics skill, concept, or strategy students will learn.
    • Description of activity with examples, questions, responses. Please provide enough detail so someone else can implement the activity.
    • How activity was evaluated to know if the purpose was achieved.
  • Teacher Research - Share the research that you conducted in your classroom.  Submit manuscripts that describe research or inquiry conducted in classrooms. Submissions should be 1000-2000 words, typed and double-spaced following guidelines of the APA, 6th Edition, and follow this format:
    • Description of the question or issue guiding the research/inquiry, including a short review of pertinent literature.
    • Description of who participated in the study, what the sources of data were, how the data were gathered and examined.
    • Description of the findings and conclusions from the research/inquiry.
  • Research Summary - Share the research that you are reading by sharing a summary of related literature. Submit manuscripts that summarize either one current published piece of research or summarize two to three related studies. Submissions should be 1000-1500 words, typed and double-spaced following guidelines of the APA, 6th Edition, and following this format:
    • Introduce and describe the study or studies, including purpose, information about who participated in the study, how and what type of data was gathered, and the findings or conclusions.
    • Discuss the implications of the study or studies for classroom teachers. The implications could include a discussion of what the study told us about mathematics learners and mathematics learning and/or what the study implies teachers should do to support learning.
  • Professional Resources - What professional resources have you found helpful? Submit reviews of professional resources of interest to teachers or mathematics curriculum specialists. Resources reviewed could include books for teachers, books for children, curriculum packages, computer programs or other technology, or games for children. Submissions should be 500-1000 words, typed and double-spaced following guidelines of the APA, 6th Edition, and following this format:
    • Title, author, publisher of the resource, year published, number of pages, and cost.
    • Short description of the resource.
    • Critical review of the resource, including strengths and weaknesses.
    • Short discussion of how the resource might be useful to a teacher.

 Interested in serving as a reviewer?

Submit your name, affiliation, address, phone, fax, and e-mail to Darlinda Cassel at [email protected] Be sure to include the grade band(s) that best aligns with your expertise. (PreK-K, 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12, or University) Please include any other information regarding your expertise you think might be pertinent (i.g. technology, integration, etc.).