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Do you have an educational issue that you are passionate about? Do you want to get active in influencing action in Oklahoma? Are you not sure where to begin? A letter to your representatives in the Oklahoma Legislature might be just the way to start. By inviting legislators into conversations with us, we can begin to build relationships that will allow us to more meaningfully serve the students of Oklahoma.  You may find links on the right  that will help you find your representatives' email addresses and street addresses as well as a search tool for Oklahoma legislation, example letters, a letter template, a place to report bills of interest to you for other OCTM members to consider, and current legislative bills of interest. If you would like to collaborate with like minded individuals, we also invite you to join us at our monthly meet ups for this purpose! 

Access and Equity in Mathematics Education

NCTM Position 

Creating, supporting, and sustaining a culture of access and equity require being responsive to students’ backgrounds, experiences, cultural perspectives, traditions, and knowledge when designing and implementing a mathematics program and assessing its effectiveness. Acknowledging and addressing factors that contribute to differential outcomes among groups of students are critical to ensuring that all students routinely have opportunities to experience high-quality mathematics instruction, learn challenging mathematics content and receive the support necessary to be successful. Addressing equity and access includes both ensuring that all students attain mathematics proficiency and increasing the numbers of students from all racial, ethnic, linguistic, gender, and socioeconomic groups who attain the highest levels of mathematics achievement.   

The above position is what is right for students all over our nation and especially in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Council of Teacher of Mathematics is honored to help move in this direction and to champion equitable education for all.

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